The Pilot Club’s mission is “Protect Your Brain For Life.” To help us accomplish that mission we educate ourselves and our community on brain injury prevention programs, rehabilitation programs, coping programs, and care-giving programs.

The two premier brain injury prevention programs we offer to elementary school students are the BrainMinder Buddies™ puppet show and the Bike Rodeo:

  1. BrainminderPuppetShow2The BrainMinder Buddies™ puppet show teaches “Play Safe, Play Smart” through the story “Wise Old Owl and his Fuzzy, Funny, Smart and Sunny BrainMinder Buddies”:
    1. Gerald Giraffe – Helmet Safety
    2. Martin Monkey – Playground Safety
    3. Penny Panda – Seatbelt Safety
    4. Fiona Fox – Crossing the Street Safety
    5. Brave Bob Beagle – Gun Safety
    6. Toolip Pig – Safety in the Kitchen
    7. Hero Horse – Helmet Safety
    8. Captain Kitty – Boating Safety
    9. Danny Deep – Swimming Safety.

    After the show, the students are asked to make a pledge to “Play Safe, Play Smart”, they are certified as BrainMinder Buddies™  and are given a 16-page activity book which includes puzzles, coloring pages, and other activities with tips for playing smart.

  2. BicycleRodeo1The Bicycle Rodeo is a riding course designed to teach young children the importance of bicycle safety and to help them develop the skills they will need to be safe while riding their bicycles. Pilot Club-sponsored bike rodeos are held at the two local elementary schools, with miles of duct tape being used to design the four events the young participants will tackle during the rodeo. Pilot Club members direct and score all the events after a Sheriff’s Department team has performed a safety inspection on each bicycle. Certificates and ribbons are awarded by the Pilot Club to all rodeo participants, with bicycle helmets being presented to the top three boys and top three girls in each grade level. The bicycle rodeo is a favorite activity among all the Pilot Club members.To help ensure that future generations carry out our mission, we award a scholarship each year to a graduating senior from Canyon Lake High School. We look at a total package - academic achievement, school and community activities and future goals as well as financial need. We try to award to those who plan to major in medical fields, education or social services. Extra consideration is given to those who plan to focus on brain- related disorders.

Last, but certainly not least, we educate ourselves via a variety of speakers at our monthly meetings. This year we have programs on “Brain Health 101”, “Play Therapy for Children”, “New Braunfels Regional Rehabilitation Hospital's Stroke Rehab Process”, ”Neurobics”, and “Keeping Your Brain Happy”.


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