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Pilot Club of Canyon Lake, Texas

Pilot Club of Canyon Lake, TX The name "Pilot Club" was inspired by riverboat pilots who guided their ships safely though the water, regardless of the obstacles they might encounter

FUNDRAISING: We hold ambitious fundraisers each year and donate monies raised to local organizations and our signature project:  Traumatic Brain Injury Camps.  

In 1990-1991 Pilot adopted a service focus of “Brain Related Disorders”. The Texas Pilots support that focus through the projects in our communities. The signature project for the Texas District is Traumatic Brain Injury Camps.

Pilots support three weekend camps and one day camp for adult traumatic brain injury survivors. Texas Pilots have created our foundation, the TBI Camp Foundation to help support these camps.

CONTRIBUTING: We are committed to making our community the best it can be; and we are willing to give our time and money to make that happen. Pilots can be found volunteering every day of the week in one local organization or another; and we raise thousands of dollars each year.

EDUCATING: The Pilot Club’s mission is “Protect Your Brain For Life.” To help us accomplish that mission we educate ourselves on brain injury prevention programs, rehabilitation programs, coping programs, and care-giving programs.  We work with local schools with a variety of education programs.  One program is a Bike Rodeo where we conduct a series of bike skill events and award helmets to the winners.  Another program is called Brainminders.  Using puppets as our spokespersons, we sing and act out messages to children to help them to remember to "Protect Your Brain For Life."

PARTICIPATING: Along with contributing to and educating our community, Pilot Club members love being members of the community and participating in community events.

COME JOIN US: We are deeply committed to service. We have diverse backgrounds, experiences, and talents, and are united in our efforts to make the Canyon Lake area the best it can be by contributing money, time, and goods to local organizations which need our help.

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